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The Hogue Family of
Pineville, Kentucky,
now Coast-to-Coast,

"You" are a Chapter in
the Book of Hogue . . .

Hogue Descendants
July 3-10, 2017
"Las Vegas"
Reunion & Renewal
In The Beginning

Going to Vegas
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To Recognize, Welcome & Celebrate
the 5th & 6th Generations of
Descendant Heirs to the Legacy

Born after 2000:
Jasmine, Trustin,
Jamason, Dalen,Walter, Adrianna,
Derrick, Kenyatta, Malachi, Zahara,
Kenlee, Kaemon, Kalani,Courtney,
Laila, Navaeh, Zacariah, Zoe,
Zaynah, Zionne, Alexis, Alivia,
Isaiah, Marc, Rienn, Astryd,
Zahrye, Farrah, Fallon,Cidney,
I’Jarya, Yamani, Jameya, Simijah,
Jocelyn, Tavion, Sidderian, Siddnee,
Mason, Imani, Nailah, Zion,
Shelby, Summer, Alexis, Natalie,
Leo, Ambia, Hayden, Donovan

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